Our Product Range

Our product assortment includes a range of world renowed brands. On our website you will find detailed descriptions pertaining to each and every product. Please note that selected products are also available as family packs. You are able to compare which size and corresponding price is more suitable for your pocket. In some cases we also offer scaled discounts.

Product Search

You know exactly what you are looking for? Then simply enter the product name in the search field and all products linked to the product name will appear. 

Products can also be found by searching via categories, brands, filters, reviews and prices.

Didn't find what you are looking for? Here are some tips: 

  • Check the spelling of the search term
  • Try searching with a similar term 
  • Use a simple and easy term/wording 

Still unable to find the product that you are looking for? Then email us and share the brand/product with our Customer Support Team. We will do our best to add it to our selection. 

Product Design Varies from Website Image

We do our best to ensure that the images portrayed on our website are up-to-date. However, at times the manufacturer fails to disclose modifications with respect to the design of certain products. We kindly ask leniency in this regard.
We would be delighted if you would inform us about any design deviations that you come across.

Please note that the product colours displayed on the screen may vary from the original product shade depending on your computer settings.

Product/Brand Not Listed in our Shop

We appreciate and welcome each and every product suggestion that you would like to share with us. We will do our best to add the said product/brand to our assortment. Please contact our Customer Service with any ideas you may have!

Product Enquiries

All product enquiries can be forwarded to our Customer Service.

We have lots of fun testing our products, receive great feedback from our customers and participate in product knowledge training. This enables us to provide an immediate answer to all our customer requests in most cases. Nevertheless, our product range is extensive - If a particular request cannot be processed by our Customer Support Team, it is forwarded directly to the manufacturer. The requested information is then sent to you via email.
We look forward to hearing from you!