Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about our products? Here you will find the frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Must I apply the product again after every shower?

    No, the effect continues even after several showers, washing or bathing. Only when you feel the effect diminishing, a renewed application is necessary.

  • Can one use the AHC products on other areas of the body?

    Yes, the products are suitable for the face, neck, abdomen, back, and the folds of the skin. In addition, AHC also helps against sweating caused by wearing prostheses.

    We recommend the use of "ahc senitive" on sensitive areas of the body.

  • I'm sweating heavily in the palms of my hands. Can AHC help as well?

    "AHC forte" has been developed especially for sweaty hands. This product achieved very good results in this case.

  • I'm sweating heavily under my armpits. Which product is recommendable to prevent this?

    We recommend our "ahc classic" for strong perspiration under the armpits or "ahc classic" for sensitive skin.
    If you also suffer from redness and irritation under the armpit, we definitely recommend our "ahc sensitive".

  • Does the product help immediately?

    Yes, the AHC Antiperspirant reliably helps after the first application.

  • Must I apply the product every day?

    You only need to apply the AHC Antiperspirant if you notice that the effect is diminishing. This is usually the case after a week. On very warm days or when excessive perpiration occurs, the effect may subside somewhat earlier.

  • Why do the AHC products contain plant extracts?

    The plant extracts included in the products offer additional protection against excessive sweating. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.