JV Cosmetics AHC Sensitive Free Sample

Optimal effect against profuse sweating on sensitive skin

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Ideally suitable for the underarms, back, neck, etc.
  • Extra strong, yet gentle
  • For sensitive skin
  • By JV cosmetics ®

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JV Cosmetics AHC Sensitive®


The skin-friendly and effective antiperspirant, especially for sensitive skin

Sweat, also called perspiration, is a completely normal bodily function, to release excess heat and thereby regulating the body temperature. In addition to the function of sweating as a water balancing regulator and the excretion of metabolic end-products, increased or heavy sweating can be caused by a variety of factors.
Apart from the external conditions such as climate and physical condition, a variety of reasons for irregular and impulsive sweating may be caused by factors such as: mental stress, like fear or excitement, emotional imbalance, or just abnormal sweating for example, hyperhidrosis, anhidrosis, hypohidrosis. An intense and unpleasant smell often arises in connection with increased sweating. Unpleasant odour can result in most parts of the body. The typical smell is mainly caused by the decay of the skin bacteria. It can be found mostly in the groin area, underarms, chest, skin folds and inbetween the toes. In everyday life, especially in one's professional life, this can be a huge burden for the person and their environment.

AHC Sensitive ® Antiperspirant temporarily narrows the sweat pores and thus, less sweat secretion is transported to the surface of the skin. Perspiration is greatly reduced around the areas of the skin that are treated with AHC Sensitive ® or temporarily completely prevented. The activity of the sweat glands is restricted on a natural level, without restricting their function. By a partial reduction of perspiration, the temperature balance in your body is not affected. As before, the body has enough evaporation surfaces available.
AHC Sensitive ® is based on high-quality ingredients that meet very high standards. Thus, a very good efficacy with good compatibility is guaranteed. The AHC Sensitive ® is free from parabens, triclosan, nano-particles and synthetic perfumes.

Range of application:

  • Underarms
  • Soles of the feet and palms of hands
  • Parts of the back
  • Abdomen and chest area
  • Skin folds, forehead and neck
  • Easy and safe to use

With High-quality and Skin-friendly Ingredients:

  • Salvia officinalis (Sage) is effective against the formation of sweat and has a sweat regulating, refreshing properties.
  • Unsea barbata (Beard lichen ) is known to have a very strong antibacterial effect and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Eugenia cariophyllus (Carnation) possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Application recommendation:
During the first 3-5 days treat the affected areas by lightly soaking a cotton ball, cotton swab, or applying a thin layer directly with the finger tip and dabbing the product several times (about 15 to 20 times). The first 3-5 days you should repeat the exact process every night. Only later, apply weekly as needed. Use very little AHC. After dabbing, temporary itchiness can occur in some cases. This is normal and will disappear after approx. 5-10 applications. Shorten your armpit hair to a minimum so that the liquid can reach the surface of the skin directly. Should you shave your underarms so please wait at least 24 hours until the next application. Treat only a small section of the entire area to be treated during the first days of use. Test the reaction of your skin first. Work from the middle outward.

Note: Do not use on irritated or broken skin. Not suitable for children. Avoid contact with eyes! Only for external use! Do not treat the entire body, as this can lead to overheating. Do not ingest and do not apply to the mucous membranes and genitals. Apply the product in the evening and allow the product to dry completely before getting dressed. If the product is still wet it could stain your clothes!

Note: The most common cause of skin irritation is an overdose! Always use as little AHC as possible! Let it fully dry before you put on your clothes, since this might leave behind stains.

brand: JV Cosmetics

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